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Oil Painting



Painting on Canvas

Shikha Bajaj

Shikha Bajaj is an artist based out of Plano, TX. Shikha has dabbled with multiple media over the years. Themes such as nature and the spiritual are consistent undercurrents in her works, although the casual observer will be hard pressed to see any recognizable symbols. Another consistent aspect of her work is the use of multiple canvases to tell a continuing story. Over the last few years, she has rediscovered landscape and still life painting, favoring watercolor and oil media for her more realistic pieces. The immediacy, decisiveness and spontaneity of watercolors is alluring and challenging while the permanence and old world charm of oil media is equally enticing. 

Shikha is an enthusiastic member of the Plano Art Association. Her work can be seen on exhibition at various Plano public libraries, and the Plano Art Association spaces. She runs the Crimson palette art school for kids and adults. She judges for the Reflections art competitions at Plano ISD and Frisco ISD.

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