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In acrylic paintings, my work has moved between abstract and non-objective. I favor non objective abstract art over realistic paintings, stressing on the balanced composition of color and form to communicate my ideas. 


Landscapes and cityscapes are rarely stationary. The light, the air and the flora change constantly. It is left to the artist to decide which moment in time they wish to capture. I like to capture scenes as if frozen for a moment in a natural stillness. The versatility of oil painting lends itself beautifully to this depiction. 


Watercolors will not be controlled. They have a mind of their own. The artist must learn to bend to the will of the medium, and learn to flow with the color. This willfulness of the paint is both punishing as it leaves no room for error, and rewarding because the results will always surprise. The brilliance, luminance and spontaneity of the medium is unparalleled. 


A Tanjore painting is a traditional Indian Gold Leaf painting characterized by surface relief work, vibrant colors and embellishments of semi-precious stones giving the work a three dimensional effect.  It is one of the most popular forms of classical Indian painting, from the city of Thanjavur. This is my take on the native art form - reimagined, simplified and made more accessible. 

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